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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  July 17, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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lawlessness. permissiveness. nothing. >> it has long been a center of night life in washington but now calls for change in adams morgan. some members of the community say it's gotten out of control. good evening. i'm jim handly. craig has the night off. on weekend nights young people and those looking for excitement flock to adams morgan. number and popularity of bars, restaurants and nightclubs bring in big crowds. many say they are attracting trouble. last night darcy spencer went to adams morgan to check it out for herself. >> reporter: i was out here until 4:00 this morning with a photographer. we wanted to come here and see exactly what is happening in the overnight hours. are police overwhelmed. are the crowds out of control. here's what we found. ♪ this is adams morgan on a
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saturday night where the streets and sidewalks are just as packed as the nightclubs. what's it like down here? >> it's wild. crazy. people every where. motorcycles. people every where. and it's real fun. it's exciting >> reporter: over the course of four hours from midnight to 4:00 a.m. this is what we found. thousands of people coming out to 18th street, a strip of bars and restaurants. some here to drink, take in the scenery. others found them cess on the wrong side of the law, locked up. two men were arrested after a fight at 2:30 in the morning. we saw another man who couldn't walk on his own. his friend were helping him home. >> what brings you to adams morgan. >> a vacation. >> reporter: for some adams morgan has reached a breaking point. they say on some nights the atmosphere is out of control. james nixon owns a fine art store. he said adams morgan has been
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transformed to a party district. >> there's party, drinking in public, loud stereos. you name it. anything goes on down here. the police created an environment where adams morgan is a place to go to do anything you want all through the night. >> reporter: community leaders demanded police add more patrols. they said the chief has told them more resources are coming but they say they want it now. >> just keep a lid on it. the status quo will be maintained forever until they do their job. >> reporter: i was provided some emails going back and forth between the chief of police as well as some of the community leaders. in them she indicates she's aware of the problems here in adams morgan and working to get additional police resources here and working on additional strategies. we're going to have more from overnight including from an amc, one of the members of the community that represents other residents. we'll hear what he has to say and if he feels additional
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resources are needed from the police department. reporting live from adams morgan, darcy spencer. >> calmer hour there for sure now. police identified two people on board a small plane when it crashed into power lines in st. marys on on friday. 55 james dayton was killed in that crash. the pilot of the plane, my could glass morales was injured. the glider disconnected from its towing plane shortly after takeoff. the ntsb is investigating. casey anthony is lying low. protesters lined the streets near the courthouse as anthony walked out of the orlando jail shortly after midnight. the not guilty verdict for anthony drew furious responses and death threats from across the u.s.. it's not clear where anthony will head next. security experts say she will
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need to stay in a safe house until reaction from the verdict cools down. there are just 16 days now until the nation could reach its debt limit and go into default. and there is still no agreement or compromise in sight. there are lots of plans on the table but no consensus. many on both sides of the aisle are leaning towards a plan proposed by the senator minority leader mitch mcconnell. even that plan has its share of credits. >> majority leader harry reid and mitch mcconnell are working on an approach that would avoid this deadline of august 2nd and a default which would drive up interest rates. >> house conservative members, members of the republican senate won't support the mcconnell plan. i won't support it. >> the deadline for a deal is august 2nd. talks have been going on but there are no official meetings set for this weekend. well, it was a heartbreaking ending to a thrilling journey for the u.s. women's soccer team. the women's world cup final came
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down to penalty kicks this afternoon but in the end japan eked out a win. boy, it was tough to watch. >> jim, it just -- the collective silence went over our sports office and bars and people watching at home. just gut wrenching. best way to describe it. in 1999 the women's team won the cup on penalty kicks. unfortunately history did not repeat itself today in frankfurt, germany. japan defeats the united states to win its first world cup championship. before this the u.s. never lost to japan. tied at 1-1 in extra time, alex morgan a substitute in the second half. sends it in the box. heads it in. u.s. takes a 2-1 lead. her fourth goal of this world cup. but the game is not over. minutes later japan in the
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corner kick. scores the equalizer. her fifth of this world cup. ties the game at 2-2. penalty kicks. now need to make this safe. the 20-year-old defender rips it past and that's. japan defeats the united states on penalty kicks. you can only say good for japan they win a world cup. good for that country. at least it was nice to see united states being a gracious loser. a heartbreaking defeat for the u.s. women. >> if you have to lose somebody japan needs some good news. >> yes, sir. >> we'll look four later. northern virginia native is a defender on the u.s. team. her friends gathered here in woodbridge to cheer her on. she played for years in prince william county then went on to penn state before going professional. now she's on the biggest stage
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in soccer. >> it's a great thing. especially with this team and the way they've gotten here. it shows everybody but especially young girls that first hard work pays off and you never give up. >> krieger has played professionally in germany for several years now. coming up, the former "news of the world" editor is arrested. still ahead, the phone hacking scandal short fallout continues today. now the police chief is out of a job. plus manassas prepares for a crush of visitors and the event that will effectively shut town the town. plus the arrest of a woman who got so fed up with security pat downs, she did a little patting down of her own. chuck. >> don't think that worked out too well for her. we may in store for the hottest
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week of the summer. talking about chances for triple digits several days in a row.
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a resignation and another arrest today connected to that ongoing phone hacking scandal in britain. former "news of the world" editor, rebekah brooks was arrested at a police station in london. she was editor of the "news of the world" when the scam allegedly took place. just hours before brooks' arrest metropolitan police commissioner
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resigned. stevenson came under fire for hiring a former executive editor from the "news of the world" as a p.r. consultant for the police department. a parliamentary committee hearing on the phone hacking scandal is set for tuesday. a colorado woman has been charged with felony sexual abuse. she's accused of groping a tsa agent. the 61-year-old woman allegedly grabbed an agent's breast earlier this week at a security checkpoint at phoenix airport. the tsa says she refused to go through screening and started arguing with agents, eventually groping one of them. she admits to grabbing the agent. still to come tonight on news 4 at 6:00, 300 horses, 8,500 re-enactors and a lot more spectators. northern virginia prepares for a crush of visitors and going to be really good for business. the heat is back and bringing some chances of severe thunderstorms. ♪
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the manassas battlefield is for many considered hallow ground. next weekend as part of the 150th anniversary of that conflict more than 8,000 re-enactors and thousand more spectators will continue verge on the sight of the battle of bull run. how is manassas getting ready for crowds they haven't seen in
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quite some time. >> reporter: an army of park service workers in preparation for the coming week's events. like 150 years ago folks are expected to stream to this battlefield to watch the day's events but unlike 150 years ago there's a hope that they will go to town and spend some money. that's what they are expecting to happen at foster's grill in old town. >> bringing in extra people? >> definitely. >> reporter: for those who want to feed their minds the antique book store around the corner specializing in writings on the conflict. >> we've already seen a lot of people from out of town coming to check out what's going on. >> reporter: sanchez says before she left town the city's history moves big deal. since moving back there's a new appreciation for manassas's history. >> it's in our backyard and we take it for granted. >> reporter: bill is an artillery historian. he's circumspect about the conflict that he believes the
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bloody and violent left the nation a better place. >> have ancestors on both sides of the war and all those americans. >> reporter: martha wilson of the garden club will help commemorate the jubilee. president taft was in attendance and she will be hold be a peace dinner re-enactment. >> president taft's speech talked about no more war, hoped there would be no more war such as that. >> reporter: in manassas, derrick ward, news 4. >> it felt. >> summer like weather outside. we were close to average. which is a welcome change. temperatures today once again just shy of the 90 degree mark but wow what a beautiful day to spend some quality time outside with a blue sky overhead. let's take a check of it. yes, indeed almost a clear sky over downtown washington.
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there are a few more cumulus clouds towards the blue ridge. 88 degrees. the dew point had been creeping ever upwards in to the upper 60s. headed for the low 70s for much of the upcoming week. south breeze at 16 miles per hour. temperatures upper 80s to near 90 in several location. leesburg 90. frederick, maryland 91. fredericksburg, coming in at 88. western shore of the chesapeake bay temperatures in the mid-80s. make your plans to get outside on your sunday evening temperatures mid-80s. upper 70s by 11:00 p.m. under a clearing sky. on the satellite picture flare up of showers and thunderstorms west of the mountains down to the southern end of the shenandoah valley. that's where they will be saying. no major concerns for rain around town for the overnight hours and i think we'll miss out on rain chances for most of monday as well. overnight tonight clear skies and quiet. a nice piping hot day tomorrow. out ahead of this weather front
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7:30 tomorrow night the front up across pittsburgh and columbus. as a result any shower chances will stay well to our north and west. our chances for rain comes late monday night an then again another chance for storms firing up on tuesday afternoon. so sort of a tuesday morning early and a tuesday late afternoon early evening chance. tuesday is our bull's eye for rain chance. this evening clearing skies after sundown. sun goes down at 1:32. evening temperatures in the 70s. to get your day started clear but hazy. 65 to 73. tomorrow afternoon hazy sunshine. code orange on the air quality and bad air quality much of the second half of the week. if you're headed out to the bay to spend some time in the water good weather for both monday and tuesday. highs near 90 degrees both days. tuesday risk of a shower. ocean water temperatures in the low 70s. monday and tuesday look like reasonable beach days. monday is the pick of the
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litter. 92 tomorrow. scattered thunderstorms twice on tuesday. then the top falls out or the top blows off. 99 thursday. 100 friday. and 100 saturday. i posted them because those still would not be records statistically this is our hottest time the year and the records there are 103, 104. we have some breaking news out of clinton, maryland. there's an amber alert for a 3-year-old girl abducted. she's believed to have been taken by 31-year-old george henry washington. state police are asking people to be on the lookout for an older model blue grand marquise older model blue grand marquise bearing lic
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done get much closer. talk about pressure. >> it hurts. >> while the world is watching. >> it hurts. everybody was pulling for them. just really wanted to see the u.s. win. if you lose on the world stage really the best thing you can do is be a gracious loser. before today the women's national team had never lost to japan in history. still the u.s. women showed class. congratulating each much japan's players after losing the world cup on penalty kicks. we're in frankfurt, germany. cheney injured her ankle in the first half. she didn't return for the second half. alex morgan comes in. a long ball goes to alex morgan. makes a great move here and rips it past the japan keeper. u.s. takes a 1-0 lead. the national team never lost a world cup match when scoring
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first. morgan with the ball again here, sends it into the box for abbey. she's been the hero for team usa and a hero again coming up clutch, u.s. takes a 2-1 lead. her 13th career cup world goal. now japan scores the equalizer. ties the game at 2-2. it stays that way. we go penalty kicks. u.s. missed one p.m. k.. japan scores their first. she misses high. are you kidding me? so now hope needs to make this save. the 20-year-old defender from japan rips it past and japan defeats the u.s. on penalty kicks. abbey shaking hands with the japan players. here's what she had to say after the match. >> obviously heartbreaking. the team played well. never gave up. unfortunate we couldn't pull it
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off. tough to do two rounz ds of penalties. we had chances throughout the game and we didn't put them away. >> heartbreaking loss. fwofl final round of the british open. it worked. keep the knees loose. phil mickelson came out putting for eagle. drained. oh, wow, he goes five under on the front nine. darrin clark the third round leader. clark has a similar result on the 7th. putting for eagle and get this to go. clark reclaims the lead at seven under and the battle is on. the back nine at royal saint george's and phil mickelson having trouble. misses the short par putt. phil was three over on the back and finished tied for second at minus two with this man. dustin johnson in contention.
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second shot going for the green and johnson his it out of bounds. he would double bogey and finishes at two under-par. the day belonged to 42-year-old darrin clark. enjoying the walk up the 18th fairway. all smiles. three shot lead. tapped in for bogey to win his first major championship. clark the sixth man in history to win his first major over the age of 40. the nats against the braves. roger drives the pitch to the gap in right center. check it out. hustling around the bases. he's going to try to score. here comes the relay. he crashes into brian mccann. the ball gets away. he scores. nats tie the game at 2-2. runs into mccann, twists his right ankle. limps to the dugout and would not return. that's a scary looking play.
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you don't want to see your pitcher crashing into the opposing catcher. freddy freeman up. he rips one to right. here comes prado. he scores the game running win. the braves beat the nats. the nats are in houston tomorrow. in baltimore the orioles defend indians. they put designated hitter on a 15 day disabled list with a bone bone in his right hand. >> we'll see you at 11:00 and hope to see you at 11:00 too. hope to see you at 11:00 too. "nightly news" is somewhere in america, a city comes to life. it moves effortlessly, breathes easily. it flows with clean water. it makes its skyline greener and its population healthier. all to become the kind of city people want to live and work in. somewhere in america, we've already answered some
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of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers.


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